I grew up on a farm in Missouri and was always enticed, excited and inspired by the beauty of my natural surroundings. The sky above was ever changing in a myriad of splendorous clouds and the magnificent changing colors of the setting sun. My artist’s palette included watching the aimless flitting of butterflies, the weaving of the web of the spider, the buzz of insects in the Spring and Summer, the blooming wildflowers and feeling the breeze blowing gently through my hair.

My goal is to try to weave a similar pattern of natural beauty with my music. I take cues from my classical training, mingled with influences of jazz, country, bluegrass, rock and roll, blues, acid rock, show tunes, top 40 tunes, 30’s and 40’s standards, disco, and many other influences to weave a web of eclectic sounds and textures.

My musical palette includes the following instruments:

Vocals, Keyboards, C flute, Alto flute, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Percussion instruments, Dancing