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Musical Talents

I sing vocals (lead and backup), play keyboards (acoustic and electronic), flutes (C and alto), guitars (acoustic and electric), various percussion instruments and dance.

I am good at sight reading music as well as improvising and playing by ear.

I perform all styles of music encompassing: standards, jazz, blues, soul, rock and roll, pop, country, disco, hard rock, classical, etc.

My strong points are vocals, flutes, and being a strong "front person" with an engaging stage presence and a love of entertaining people.

Although I have performed in groups of all sizes including single acts, I think that my forte is as a featured performer on vocals and flutes in a group, and then for additional interest, adding in some of my other talents on keyboards, guitars, percussion and dancing.

Musical Background

Keyboards: Started playing piano by ear at the age of 2 or 3. Had 10 years classical piano lessons starting at age 6. Took classical organ lessons in college and played organ for a church.

Flutes: Had 8 years classical flute lessons starting at age 10. Played flute and piccolo in concert band. Played flute and piccolo with the Kansas City Youth Symphony for 4 years.

Vocals: Had 8 years of classical voice lessons starting at age 10. Sang in concert choir and in many vocal groups in high school and in church.

Guitars: Started at age 13 when folk music was the rage. Taught myself the basics and used it to accompany many of my vocal performances.

Percussion: Had a few lessons, but mostly self-taught.

Dance: My own style and creation.

Teaching: I have taught piano, flute, voice and guitar professionally. I also conducted a church choir.

Copyist: I learned music copying in the early 80's working for a composer who had a 16 piece jazz band and also did some commercial studio sessions.

Performance: Growing up as a small girl I noticed that the many picture windows in our front room reflected like mirrors at night and I would perform regularly in front of them pretending to be holding a microphone and singing and dancing. I performed for many, many functions at school, church, and club meetings starting at a young age. I have always loved performing and thoroughly enjoy the feel of connecting and exchanging energy with the audience, giving and receiving all at the same time.

Performance History

73-75 Lead and backup vocals, keyboard and flute - Take Her As She Comes - Country Bluegrass Group - 5 pc. copy band: Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Allman Bros., Linda Ronstadt, etc.

75-77 Lead and backup vocals, keyboard and flute - Wind And Silver - Top 40 Lounge Act - 4 pc. copy band: Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, Disco, M.O.R., etc., (dinner sets and show sets included at some performances)

77-79 Lead vocals and flute - Erv Neff - Supper Club Duo - with a keyboard player doing standards from 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's

79-80 Flute - Patient Lee - Acoustic Duo - with a guitar player doing his classically flavored originals (did strolling musician thing for dinners and brunches)

81-82 Lead vocals and flutes - Bruce Lofgren - Lounge Duo - with a electric jazz guitar player doing standards.

83-85 Lead vocals, keyboard and flutes - Lee Holmes - Single Lounge Act - doing standards.

98-00 Lead vocals, keyboards and flutes - Lee Peterson - Single Supper Club Act - doing standards, jazz, blues, pop, soft rock, etc.

00-01 Lead and backup vocals, keyboards, flutes, guitars, percussion and dancing - Lee Wind - Duo Supper Club and Lounge Act - doing standards, jazz, blues, pop, soft rock, etc.

01-03 Lead and backup vocals, keyboards, flutes, guitars, percussion and dancing - Lee & Eddie - Duo Supper Club and Lounge Act - doing standards, jazz, blues, pop, soft rock, top 40, etc.

Misc. Group - Pat Metheny - as a vocalist and piccolo player in an experimental jazz trio with John McKee.

Misc. Group - Jim Moore - as a flute player doing Jethro Tull style acid rock tunes with a heavy metal band.

Misc. Performance - Pat Metheny - as a flute player improvising on flute while he improvised on guitar as a duo at his concert at the Jewish Community Center Kansas City.

Note: I have sat in with a lot of different musicians and groups in the Orange County area singing lead vocals and playing flutes and percussion. The styles range from piano bar easy listening jazz to loud heavy metal rock and roll, and the sizes range from single acts to 12 piece ensembles.

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