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Ms. Lee Peterson
[i]Linda Lee Holmes Peterson | Create Your Badge on
Debbie Hobbs
Love the videos,you still got it, you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!
elmer llanes from Philippines
hi mrs. lee, it is nice to see and know everything what's on your page. Wondering if you can perform her on our country showcasing the talents you have. Keep it up mrs. lee
Bob Westmoreland
Good to see and listen to a talented friend.
Dean A Lowman
Very impressive!You sneakily lured me to your webpage! are an amazing talent
Ed James
Hey Linda (Lee), Nice vid's. Gives a more professional image to your webpage. Hope all is well. Everything here is okay. I didn't go to the 35 reunion. To busy. Wound up in the Hospital ER last week. Everyone thought I was having a heart attack. Turned out to be an ulcer. Oh well. Such is life when we get older. Take care girl. Always glad to hear from you. Drop me a line every now and then. Cheers, Your old classmate, Ed James
Incredibly talented in multi areas! Great stage presence, as well.
Great Site! I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!
Barney Hehir
Great Web site! I loved the video and am impressed with your talent! I hope to get an opportunity to see you entertain in person. It was also great talking with you this evening.
Mark Morrison
Hi, just found this on the web.. Pretty neat! Are you playing any place around Vintura Ca? I would love to hear you live.. Thanks.. Mark
Ed James
Hey girl, Hope your doing okay. Been thinking about you lately. Drop me an email. Always glad to hear from you. Tchau! Ed
Bruce Lofgren
Hi, Lee I ran into your site on Altavista. I hope you are well. Take care.
Love the look ravishing and I hope to catch one of your performances soon, can't wait to see that. From what I see the sky's the limit, I wish you all the best.
hey lee, as we both now know each other since soo long..i loved ur instumental music..n i really really wish u all d best for ur future..hope u rise n rise day by day...Regards victor (Vaneesh)
Jim Chambers
Dear Lee, Ed James and I talk a lot on Instant Messanger, and he told me about your web site. It's awesome, you look and sound great.. Good to know that someone from LS MO made it big. Take care, and maybe I can see you peform in LA on my next visit to see my kids that live out there. Bye for now.. Jim Chambers
Eddie James
Hey Lee, Sorry I missed you when you were in town. Hope to catch you in the future. If I'm every out in the LA area, I'll be sure and stop by at one of your night stints. Cheers, and keep in touch. Your "Old" classmate from LS, Ed James
Brandy Murry
My hat goes off to you Lee as well as my standing ovation. You have done a fabulous job, You are one go getter darlin! To you the best of luck in this exciting time. May you always be entertaining, 🙂
Steve Briggs
Great site. Liked the video! I'm guessing your 'appearance' at the Holiday Inn was with me. Glad you're doing so well. 🙂
Hey, Girlie, I am truly impressed at your talent and also your intellect in being able to put this all together. You Go, Girl!